Handtex Home

A production house which is making home furnishing goods from our decades

Curtains Collection

Variety Of Curtain Collection For Your Home

curtain set of 3 grey white.jpg

Door Curtains

Grey White Combination

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Panel Curtains

 Curtains with Panel Print


Printed Curtains

Trending Printed Curtains


Bedsheets can be made from different materials 


Velvet Double Bedsheets

Fancy Velvet Bedsheets

cotton king size doublebedsheet.jpeg

Cotton Double Bedsheets

Pattern you will Fall in love with

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Chenille Double Bedsheets

Classic and Comfortable

Velvet Dwian Set

Velvet Cushion Cover

Sofa Cover

6Pcs Diwan set

Designer Velvet Diwan Set

Fitted Double Bedsheet